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Homeward Bound

Well thought I would update before I go to bed. Went to the Employment office yesterday and applied for the job in Adulusia. I didn't have time to look through the other jobs as much as I would like but I updated my files and got the web address again because I somehow lost my first copy. They should be contacting me if any jobs come in that match my skills now. Went off my diet yesterday but only for the day. Me and mom whet to the Mexican resteraunt for lunch and it was ssoooooo good. lol But I am back on track today starting with my fruit day today. Today has been a lot harder than last Monday. I think my body thought ok we will give her a week and she'll give up and now that I am keeping up with it, it's starting to rebel. I am craving worse this week than I was last week. But tomorrow is vegetable day and therefore it should be easier.

My new mattresses are very comfortable ;). Spent most of today answering emails, I had like 70 to go through and then most of this night has been spent on fulfilling icon request. I am pretty much caught up and only have like 4 request to go through. But the most exciting thing of all is the fact that I might be going up to Michigan next month for two weeks (maybe longer). Mom is going up for the court date (my brothers hearing to get custody or better visitation rights for his son) and asked if I would watch the animals and I asked her if it would be ok if I came up with the animals. She thought about it and has pretty much said yes. She is still going to fly because it will be too hard on her to drive. So I will be making the two day trip up there probably the last week of this month or the first week of next month depending on when the court date is. It's going to be kinda cool just me driving the open highway for two days, she is even going to call ahead and book a motel for me for the first night :). I can't express how happy I am, I contacted some of my friends and I think I will be able to get together with them which is the main reason for my happiness. Well I must head off to bed before the sun rises :-P

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