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Spent most of yesterday cleaning the house and didn't get online much, and when I did I mostly just spent my time creating yet another new background. I wanted to do a theme to Annie Lennox's Pavement Cracks but I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere, guess I will have to wait until the album comes out next month.

Anyway the reason we had to do a lot of cleaning was because my mom ordered like $2000 worth of new furniture and they delivered it this morning. We now have a new Burgundy couch with reclining ends and a big wooden coffee table that has baskets for drawers that pull out (it's actually very pretty). Mom got a new Serta mattress for her bed and she also bought a set of mattresses for my room. She also bought a day bed for the house next door and a hollywood frame for her old set of mattresses because they are still in excellent condition she just thought they were uncomfortable. I told her when I move I get the frame and the mattresses (hell it's a queen size) ;) and she said ok.

Another reason for the new furniture and beds is that my sister Kim is coming to visit for two weeks next week and my dad is coming down to visit for one week at the same time. I am not sure if I am giving up my bed and sleeping in the house next door or if Kim and her husband are. It will most likely be me. The reason I am not already over there is because it has it's own separate electric bill and it will cost too much for me to run the air conditioner over there. I am soo excited to see my little niece for the first time, I can't wait :).

Well I have to go take a shower and get ready to go to the Alabama Employment Office at around noon. My mom is going into town for another tanning session and I am going to go over there while she is in the tanning salon. I know for certain that I want the one application for the job in Andalusia, and I am going to look through the books to see if they have any more positions that I might be interested in. Right now I don't see a point to getting a job here because it's almost time to go back to Michigan but then again I do need to save as much money as I can if I am going to move out and accomplish what I want to accomplish.

Oh yes and I almost forgot my total loss for the week is 8 pounds, very happy about that :). I am starting week two and today is fruit day and in my opinion the hardest day.

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