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Yesterday was good and bad. The bad part was that the past hit me in the face and made me cry :-P. The good part was that I got two job leads. One of my dads friends came over here the other day and told me about a couple of computer jobs that about 30 minutes away and he also said he would grab me the newspaper from the next town over since they are more industrialized and will have more job opportunities. My mom said she didn't mind driving me, so keep you fingers crossed that these leads actually lead to something :). I called on Friday about the one lead and I have to go through the Andalusia Employment Office. I called them and they said I could go down to the Brewton Employment Office and request the application faxed over. I was going to do that yesterday, I took my shower, did my hair, did my makeup, but my mom didn't come home until like 4 yesterday from her excursions so I am going to go on Monday :)

I went to sleep at like 8 last night due to this overwhelming sadness that tried to kick my ass and I woke up at 1:30 talked to lorele for a little bit. He is also fighting with his own demons right now so heres to hoping that we can both triumph over them. Went back to sleep at 6 this morning thinking I would only sleep for a few hours but I slept until 11:30 this morning.

Another good thing that happened yesterday was that I convinced my mom to buy me two suits to go on interviews with. I am very excited since most of my clothes don't look appropriate for a first interview. I told her I would pay her back once I got a job.
Here is what I bought:
I bought this suit in Navy
this is the 4 way bra and you can also wear it strapless :) which is great because I have this off the shoulder peasant blouse that I bought which I haven't been able to wear yet.
I bought two of these tanks, 1 in blue and one in black. They also have a built in shelf bra ;) they will look good under the suites if I decide to leave the jackets unbuttoned :)
I bought this suit in Black

Now I just have to get my hair cut and I will knock em dead on the interview *crosses fingers* I have been following the diet and so far so good. I haven't weighed myself again because I think I am just going to weight in once a week so I don't get freaked out if I don't loose for that day :). The important part is that I am loosing. Now I need to add exercise into my routine, maybe some Tai Bo or a little bit of Richard Simmons (yeah I know he is corny but the exercises are fun :-P).

Last night I was playing around with brushes and things in PhotoShop and I came up with this icon which I am really liking right now :)

isn't it cute ;)

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