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Just so most of you are not worrying about me, I am in no way starving myself :) I have been looking it up on the net because apperently it's also called the Sacred Heart 7 Day Diet and there are apparently different versions of the diet. It's mostly the same but one difference I have noticed is how the soup is made and the second is on day 4 which I am on ;) that some of the diets say only bananas and milk nothing mentioned about the tuna fish. But my copy of the diet says you can do tuna fish and two bananas or you can do the 8 bananas no tuna. Some of the sites say to do this diet only for a week and then alternate with eating right for a week. Other sites say to use it as long as you feel it is benefitting you. My dad lost 106 pounds in 6 months and was doing ok on it. I think it's ok to substitute some things. The biggest thing is not to eat any bread, sugars, booze, etc. And two key things I found is to drink the water, you must drink lots of water. I drink ice water because I was told your body works to lower it to body temperature which kicks your metabolism into gear. The second key thing is that I take multi-vitamins every day. I think the vitamins are important since this is a drastic change for me. So far I am not dying on it and I even have one of those chocolate flavored protein bars every other day (sort of a small cheat) and I am still doing good ;). I am going to do it until I got sick of it and then maybe take a break and try to do it again.

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